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This site is founded on the idea that a psycho hates nothing more than to  be exposed.  That is, in fact, one of the only ways to resist a psycho.  What is a Psycho?  Well, for the purpose of this site the medical definition of psychopath is not  as important as recognizing high-profile individuals (w/ a particular focus on the mega-wealthy and politicians) who exhibit psychopathic tendencies:

  • Lack of Remorse, as well as Empathy
  • Cunning/Manipulative
  • Pathological Lying
  • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  • Not afraid of consequences
  • Taking great pride in getting away with crimes

Bernie Madoff, as well as Ken Lay from Enron infamy, come to mind immediately.  Psychos get away with what they do because of their charm and willingness to say exactly what you want to hear.  They also prosper because ordinary people (99% of the population) cannot imagine someone who can lie or harm others without remorse!  If you know a central banker, billionaire or politician who exhibits these tendencies please do future generations a favor and Nominate-A-Psycho.

Why Now?

The primary reason it has become of increasing importance to pinpoint psychos is because of the pervasive corruption and political favors that dominate our economic system.  The economy is dominated by large multinational corporations with no loyalty to any nation, and in many cases, these large corporations do not pay any tax!

Study says most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes

But of course, the corporations themselves are run by people.  The people who run these multinationals wish to hide behind the corporations in order to disguise their motives and avoid legal liability.  As discussed in our article on the Oligarchy the main goal for those in control is simply to increase or retain control!

One corporation in particular is at the heart of the corruption in the economy, and that corporation is, the Federal Reserve!

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Nominate-A-Psycho: Our first feature

Posted on PsychoNews , 13th October 2010 | Tags: George HW Bush, Bush Sr, Prescott Bush
You have to start somewhere, and some of us such as George H.W. Bush, (Bush Sr.) start as the son of a Senator.  One is reminded of a quote from The Godfather, delivered by Don Corleone to his son, Michael: "I wanted you to become a senator". 

Prescott Bush must have told his son: "I want you to become Director of the CIA, Director of the Council on Foreign Relations, Vice-President, President, and father to a future President!"  George Bush Sr. held each one of those positions. 

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bush sr

Nominate-A-Psycho is proud to inaugurate its PsychoArchive with the addition of the one and only:
George H.W. Bush

Clinton, Bush Sr, Bush, Berlusconi

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Nominate-A-Psycho Feature #2: Henry Kissinger

Posted on PsychoNews , 14th October 2010 | Tags:  Kissinger, Military Industrial Complex, Oligarchy

It is impossible to discuss the military-industrial complex (chief benefactor of the tremendous Defense Budget) and American Imperialism in the last 40 years without mentioning one man at the center of most of it.  Henry Kissinger.  No other man has created so much work and so much profit for the military-industrial complex.  Kissinger got his start in military intelligence during World War II.  As a German working for America his skills were highly sought after, and this helped him to meet all the 'right people' . 

    By 1955 he was working for the Council on Foreign Relations, and from there went to work for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.  His work there was on a report released in 1957 titled Prospect for America, "its major recommendation [was]... a massive arms buildup to counter perceived Soviet military superiority".  This basically laid the groundwork for the massive escalation of the Cold War, and in turn, massive expansion of the military industrial complex. 

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Nominate-A-Psycho Feature #3: Alan Greenspan

Posted on PsychoNews , 15th October 2010 | Tags: Alan Greenspan, King of Pop, Mr Bubble, Fed Chairman

Condescending A-holes

When looking, from a financial perspective, at the period between the mid 80s and the early 21st century fthe first things that strikes you is the tremendous volatility of the economy, unprecedented scandals, and a series of bubbles followed by busts.  While it would be a little harsh to blame it all on Alan Greenspan, it would be equally foolhardy not to apportion him his fair share of the blame.  Some have called him Mr. Bubble, while others have dubbed him "The King of Pop".

Greenspan was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve in 1987.  He was also a director of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1982 -1988.  Off-topic, but the CFR sure knows how to pick future Presidents, (George HW Bush) Secretaries of State (Henry Kissinger) and Chairmen of the Federal Reserv
e(such as Alan Greenspan)!   They also clearly do not find psychopathic tendencies to be disqualifying characteristics, instead they seem to find it makes candidates more suited for work at the CFR!

Greenspan had not been in his job for more than 2 months when Black Monday occured...

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Nominate-A-Psycho Feature #4: Ben Bernanke

Posted on PsychoNews , 15th October 2010 | Tags:  Central bank, Oligarchy, Dollar Debasement, Debt Bubble


This man's nicknames include Helicopter Ben, for his famous quote that the Federal Reserve can drop US dollars out of a helicopter to prevent deflation, and Zimbabwe Ben, for his ongoing efforts to bring Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation to America.

Ben Bernanke's wikipedia page currently tells it like it is (must have slipped past the censors): "[Bernanke is] one of the people responsible for the economic crisis due to his uncontrolled injection of newly printed money, thus creating an environment of hyper-inflation."  What Bernanke has done is support the Oligarchy every step of the way, during his time as Federal Reserve Chairman. 
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Nominate-A-Psycho Feature #5: Dick Cheney

Posted on PsychoNews , 4th November 2010 | Tags:  Terror, False Flaq, Disinformation, Oligarchy, Empire Building, Profiteering, Halliburton
What catches ones attention first and foremost with Dick Cheney is the sheer quantity of corrupt dealings he has been involved with.  We would be here all night, literally, going through them all.  But you cannot escape the Psycho Archives merely by having too many 'accomplishments' to mention!

It is noteworthy that Dick Cheney was eligible for the Vietnam Draft, but he was able to receive FIVE draft deferments!  He also flunked out of Yale, but obviously used that time to become very well-connected. As evidence of this, note that by 1969, aged 28, he had joined Donald Rumsfeld's staff in the White House in the Office of Economic Opportunity, an aptly-named place for Dick Cheney to work, if there ever was one!

Dick, whose wife worked for Lockheed...

Dick first made the big time in 1988, when he was selected as George Bush Sr.'s Secretary of Defense.  You know, right around when the US invaded Panama in 1989, and then Kuwait in the Gulf War in 1991.  Now this is what you need to know about Dick Cheney.  As Secretary of Defence he was tasked with reducing the Defense Budget, and he managed to accomplish this.  Admirable, you might say, except for the manner in which he accomplished it. 

"Dick Cheney hired Brown and Root Services (now KBR, Inc., a former Halliburton subsidiary) to devise how to integrate private companies effectively into warfare."

The Pentagon started 'out-sourcing' its work to 'private contractors', or in other words, hiring mercenaries.  Blackwater/Xe and Triple Canopy make a killing (pun intended), and everyone wins except the American taxpayer and the average Iraqi citizen.  Cheney was rewarded for his loyalty to KBR and was made CEO of Halliburton.  This was of course to ensure that Dick would direct more 'business' (no-bid government contracts) their way!

Judge that for yourselves: "(By early 2010) Halliburton and its divisions [had] grossed between $13 - $16 billion from the Iraq War
" .

As icing on the cake, Dick Cheney was a director of the Council on Foreign Relations between 1987 and 1989, exactly when the discussion and planning regarding both Central America and the Middle East would have taken place.   Clearly the CFR is one of the primary think tanks employed by the Oligarchy

Obviously this man has played a MASSIVE part in involving (entrenching?) America's military in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He repeatedly made the claim that Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs, and alleged that Iraq was somehow connected to Al-Qaeda, tying it to September 11th.  The US intelligence community, however, were of the opinion that "there was scant credible evidence that Iraq had any significant collaborative ties with Al Qaeda". 

His influence in militarizing the nation and expanding executive powers cannot be overstated.  In part two perhaps we will examine how big of a part Dick Cheney played in PNAC, the think tank Project for a New American Century, who determined that the US needed "[a] transformation... [that] is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor". 

Lets face it,  this guy was basically President from 2000-2008, the time period which saw the origination of many of the problems we currently face.

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Rumsfeld, Ford, Cheney circa 1975

Young Dick

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